Jon KincadeJon Kincade has been hunting and fishing Reelfoot Lake since he was a young boy. He has drawn on generations of hunting and fishing experience that has been handed down to him over the years. Jon was born into the hunting and fishing lifestyle and was raised in the outdoors where he acquired a very good understanding of the lake and the persistency it takes day in and day out to be able to consistently produce good quality stringers of fish and full bag limits of waterfowl.

The best way for the average person to enjoy all that Reelfoot Lake has to offer is to hire an experienced guide who knows the details of Reelfoot Lake. Jon Kincade is very well-known for his knowledge of the lake and has been a professional guide for over 15 years. If you want to make your trip to Reelfoot Lake successful and an unforgettable experience, give Jon Kincade a call!

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