The Reelfoot Lake area is well-known for the annual winter migration of both ducks and geese. Located in the prime area of the Mississippi flyway, Reelfoot is different from most any other place you will hunt. Every serious outdoorsman should experience the beauty of 200+ year-old cypress trees on the beautiful lake which was formed by an earthquake at the beginning of the 19th century. 

Jon Kincade hunts the south end of the lake in the famous duck hole "The Sweater." This area has been hunted by the older generations for many years and has been passed down to him.

Jon does a lot of work throughout the year to make sure the duck hole remains one of the top blinds on Reelfoot Lake.

This duck blind will accommodate up to ten hunters per day. There will always be two guides present for a day's hunt.

All food and accommodations for the day will be provided. Hunters should have appropriate licenses, gun, ammunition and warm clothing for the boat ride to the blind.

  • Guide Rate - $175per day/person
  • Groups of 5 minimum

Be sure to get the maximum enjoyment and excitement out of your Reelfoot waterfowl hunting experience by booking your hunt with Jon Kincade, profesional waterfowl guide.

Our Blind

Hunt in Comfort

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